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Fertility                                              Rebalance reflexology


When you have been trying to conceive for 12 months , it is referred to as infertility. More recently it is referred to as sub fertility as often the problems with conceiving are relative, rather than absolute, and the couple may go on to conceive. Approximately 1 in 7 couples experiemce fertility problems while trying to conceive and there are a number of factors both male and female that can affect fertility. About 45% are attributed to the female,  about 30% to the male while 25% are unexplained. Unexplained infertility is probably one of the most difficult to come to terms with, as today we have come to expect that the medical profession has all the answers. When that is not the case you can find yourself in a state of limbo and helplessness. It can be a stressful and emotional time, and draining both physically and mentally.


Firstly, If you are trying to conceive there are various things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving naturally and it  is essential that both partners are in optimum health to help this happen. Below is a link from with advice on these issues.







Stress plays a huge part in fertility problems. sex can become functional rather than spontaneous and the longer it takes to conceive, the more all consuming it becomes. This can lead to one or both partners becoming stressed, which over time can lead to exhaustion and adrenal fatigue.  With the high level of adrenaline in the system, the body is in 'survival' mode,  and essentail repairs. This means non essential things like reproduction, therfore take a back seat. Adrenal deficiency can lead to low thyroid function which in turn can lead to ovulatory problems and a short luteal phase, meaning that a fertlised egg is not sustained in it's early phase long enough.


So can reflexology help?  There are no guarantees,  but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of couples that have go on to conceive following reflexology therapy combined with some lifestyle changes.  What reflexology aims to do to do is :-

- get the  hormones and the body back into a state of equilibrium

- work the reflex areas of the feet relating to reproductive organs to help balance and clear congestion

- boost circulation to the reproductive areas.

- reduces stress levels and aids a deep sense of relaxation.

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