rebalance  reflexology

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for the mind and body

Stress                                                 Rebalance reflexology

It is estimated that approximately 75% of today's diesease are attributed to stress and tension. Various body systems are affected in differing ways to varying degrees. One person may have cardiovascular problems, another digestive upset, sleep issues, or headaches... the list is endless. Stress can act as a tight tourniquet around the body's systems making them function inefficiently. The result can affect health and well being, which in turn can make life harder in the areas of relationships, work and play.


With ever increasing levels of stress in the world, it is important for us all to take responsibility for own own health. One of the prime benefits of reflexology is the reduction of tension and stress.  Reflexology can be one of the many constructive self-help measures you can employ as a coping strategy to aid relaxation and increase well-being.


Her are some constructive Self help methods to combat stress:-


1. Complementary Therapy  - an hour of regular therapy a week (budget allowing) allowing you some personal time.  

2. Regular exercise to suit you e.g team or individual sport, dancing , yoga, golf - it's important you enjoy it.

3. Reduction in stimulants such as coffee, tea, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes

4. Healthy eating - the increase of cortisol in your system caused by stress can make you crave unhealthy foods which are high in fat, sugar and salt. Eating well will replenish vitamins and minerals that are depleted by stress

5. Doing something creative that you enjoy

6. Increased contact with social relationships (seeing friends and family more)

7. Meditation or just deep breathing for 5 minutes a day can help

8. Smiling and laughing are thought to reduce stress levels !